April 9, 2014

Health and Well-Being

Although this is over 6 minutes, I think it is a worthwhile view for those of us who struggle with body image and keeping our perspective. My favorite quote?

At 4:39 when she says, "If we could get people to focus more on their own health and well-being, I think everything would just become secondary to that."


Cheers to focusing on health and well-being in 2014. (And to keeping my butt off the scale and away from the darn measuring tape....)


  1. I think I've got past body image days. As long as I think I look okay, I'm fine with that. It's quite good to feel more relaxed with myself. There's a lot to be said for growing older.

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  3. Health is a better goal than weight. My doc once told me that if your numbers (bp, cholesterol, sugar, etc) are good, than you weigh what you weigh. So I now focus on my numbers. I'm popping in from the a-z, and I'm a new follower b/c I love finding other believers in the blogosphere! Visit me, if you'd like. My blog sever will change at some point, but my blog will always be connected to my facebook page:

  4. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge. I hope you stay with it because I look forward to visiting again.