March 7, 2014

Willing to Rest [Five-Minute Friday]

Five Minute Friday: WILLING

I am willing to rest.
I am willing to accept that my plans and schemes for my life are too much.
I am willing to set aside my perfectionistic tendencies and simply be present in the moment.
I am willing to cancel appointments to give me margin- even if it makes me look bad in the moment.
I am willing to tell my children 'no' in order to take care of my health.
I am willing to accept that my body is no longer 20 and needs more care.
I am willing to rest.

Honestly, this is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.... this taking the time to rest. Not physical rest, but mental and emotional rest. Not burning the candle at both ends and then wondering why I'm struggling to be nice to my family, but really taking the time to SLOW DOWN in the life that I have.

Funny how the word willing has morphed into a reflection on my one word 2014: rest. I resist rest in general, and it has taken a series of unfortunate events to bring me to this place of willingness.

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  1. Our bodies, have this nasty way of forcing us to yield when we are spent. We who push the limits, must suffer the consequences, the catastrophic melt down that comes from a traumatic childhood takes years and years to recover from. Sleep deprivation is a torture technique for a reason, it is traumatic.
    I wish you the best, thanks for visiting my blog and Good luck to you.

    1. Oooh- I need to remind myself of the sleep deprivation as torture technique thing... which means I've very into self-inflicted torture. Yikes. Gotta make time for sleep. Wow.

  2. Having had to induce sleep on many occasions, I just want to say cheers to you for recognizing the importance of giving yourself a break and also for your continued practice in taking action on taking care of yourself this year.

    #atozchallenge Co-Host

  3. this is a great post. I think in today's world there is such an emphasis on busyness and accomplishment, that folks do forget to breathe. I personally like to plop my butt on the patio chair and read. Sometimes I set the book down and just look around. And that's okay. No music, no nothing. Just listen to the birds,etc. Admittedly I do not have children around clamoring for stuff. I can be very selfish and just do what I want. But it is good to rest and it will make you a better person when you have to wind back up for life.