March 18, 2014

Moving Beyond Basics

credit: big thompson crossfit
This week, I started back to regular CrossFit classes after the four weeks of Basics at Big Thompson Crossfit. Although I have been involved in CrossFit before, I chose to go back through the introduction class just to get my fitness level ramped up... and it's a really good thing!

Most of my Basics class just moved from one class time to another en masse, so it is nice to have the camaraderie present as we progress to more difficult workouts. The photo above is from the last basics workout... and that's me doing air squats in the front.

I think this week's programming theme has been "Thou Shalt Run. Lots. And you will LIKE it." Thanks, Cliff, for the opportunities to work on my weaknesses. <rolling eyes> Welcome to class with the big kids! Goodness gracious... (wonder if I can get through each round of tomorrow's WOD by pacing out that song- the boys would kill me if I asked if we could put this song on repeat... mwahahaa. not sure using the iDevice is a great idea with the squat cleans)


  1. Okay, the fact that you DO cross fit, amaze balls. Yeah, I said it. I can't even fathom to think about being THAT dedicated. yeah, I take long walks, do yoga, vixen workout (awesome cardio workout), but you, you my friend take the cake!! Good for you!!

    1. Hmm... I've never thought of it as dedicated- more a coping strategy for exercise and life. Yoga is amazing as well. I'll have to use my Google-fu to check out the vixen workout.