April 4, 2014

Diet Adjustment

Whoa! OK, so scheduling posts is a great idea in theory, but when life gets away from you... you end up with posts (like this one) that have a title and no text. :D Oh, well. Fixing that now. Apologies if you showed up earlier to a whole bunch of nothing! :)

I'll keep this short and sweet. I've dieted for a million years, it seems like. You name it, I've done it. This year, I'm really trying to keep it real with a long-term plan in mind. Right about the time I was getting sick of the stuff I've been packing (and paying for the Vemma products), I learned about Trim Healthy Mama from a friend. I borrowed the book, skimmed through it, and found that it is just what I'm needing for this season of my life. So, book on order, THM food purchased and in the pantry/fridge... recipes pinned on Pinterest.

I think Trim Healthy Mama is a great blend of three different ways of eating that I've tried over time- Paleo, Atkins, and Vemma Bode. The important things to me are that THM focuses on:

  • Macronutrient partitioning (pair your protein with either fat OR carb... not both until you are at goal weight). 
  • Nutrient density (great focus on healthy fats like coconut oil, grassfed meats, etc.)
  • Flexibility (no set plan for the day- you can switch between meal types on any given day)
  • Grace (they use stevia, dairy, and a lot of other items that the paleo world frowns on, but make things more livable- I need a very gray-based diet... black and white sends me to crazyville).
That's that. As with any plan, there are lovers and haters out there. Particularly because this was written by Christian women and has some 'controversial' content in it beyond just the diet part. Regardless, I'm taking what I can and leaving the rest. This is all very packable too, so I'll be adapting my weekly bento fest. 

Anyone else adjusting their eating plan? 

Visit Trim Healthy Mamas's profile on Pinterest.
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  1. Thanks, Julie. I will check out your recipes on pinterest. I've had really good success with maintaining weight by eating more fats than I had before, surprisingly butter included. I heard a prominent Swedish researcher talk about his research findings that a greater amount of fat in the diet correlates with lower overall body mass, and it's definitely easy to enjoy the feeling of being full it brings. I've been ignoring a lot of diet theories for a while (I eat largely macrobiotic, part raw, little to no dairy other than butter) so the term macronutrient partitioning is interesting to me. It seems to correlate with the macrobiotic principle that protein and and carbohydrate do not digest easily together in combination. Perhaps? Thank you for this introduction!

  2. Yes I am fasting for few days right now due to Navratri :)

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  3. Oh, I'm excited for you! I have been Trim Healthy Mama-ing since the end of January (it was a somewhat hard decision for me because I had been vegan and very staunch on it being "the best", but I wasn't following it 100%, and because of that, had a hard time losing any weight. Since doing THM, I found I haven't been eating as much veggies, which I need to work on, but I am loving the freedom I feel, not to mention the 10 lbs I've lost so far. Super excited for you to figure out what works best for you :)


  4. Guilty! I've done the same thing in past challenges (but not this one....yet!)
    I'll be checking out your Pinterest boards, too!

  5. I've been interested in Trim Healthy Mama for a couple of months ... I like your summary of it. I definitely need to check it out.

    Visiting you from the A to Z Challenge. I turned 40 not long ago, and faith was a huge part of my personal "40 journey." Blessings!
    ~Paige (www.talesfromthelaundryroom.com)