March 16, 2014

Scale Wars

It's been a good bad day. I woke up this morning noticing positive changes in my body. This evening, I started feeling all scale crazy... you know, when you want to get on the scale just so some stupid number can make you feel better? Or worse? Depending on the snapshot of that second in time.

The dumb thing is still in the box I packed it up in weeks ago, although I was tempted to take it and the sledgehammer out to the driveway this evening. Seriously. But it's cold out there, and I'm already in my pajamas.

Rather than be destructive, I thought I'd come up with a constructive list of questions for me to ask myself when I'm scale psycho. Maybe they'll help you too.

Scale War Questions

  1. What are you feeling right now that is making you seek validation from a number?
  2. What will stepping on that scale accomplish in this moment? 
  3. Will you change your eating or exercise based on this information?
  4. Are you breaking a promise by getting on the scale?   
Most of this boils down to patience. I get all hyper and want things fixed ASAP, never mind that it took me decades to get to this place. I know that doing some shopping for some new workout togs is what set me off this time, so I need to leave that alone for a bit until I've regained some sanity. 

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  1. "Trust your body Wisdom" ~ Alexandra Jaye Johnson

    1. That video rocks, Maike! Thanks for sharing. :) And thanks for stopping by my blog.