March 15, 2014

Bento on a Budget

I'm a big fan of the whole bento box thing. I think it makes lunches more fun for all ages. When I started researching this, I found many options for boxes- including some amazing ones from PlanetBox that are very cool. (If you are a night-before/morning-of lunch packer, your kiddo may like on of these.) However, they are very cost prohibitive for a family of 6.

ziploc divided, ziploc short round, glad mini-round
toothpicks, silicone baking cups, mini-dippers, salt shaker

easy lunchboxes coolers and slim ice packs

I was looking for something I could pack in advance, so I knew I needed 20-30 boxes at any given time. I also wanted other 'support' lunch supplies. Here is what we use to keep our 'bento on a budget'.

There ya go... the least expensive route I could find to pack tons of these little guys. I'm really thankful that I can just pick up another bento when my son crushes one to death in his backpack. For more interesting ideas, you can follow my "Bento on a Budget" Pinterest Board below.

Do you know of any inexpensive tools I should put in my lunchkits? 

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