March 15, 2014

Vemma Bode Bento (Week 3)

Since I was out of town all day Friday, I had to shop/prep/cook today. With that in mind, I chose pretty simple meal options. I learned last week that I avoided packing the meals that required heating, so no more of that. I also threw out about 5 meals from last week because the veggies didn't stay good all week or I just didn't like it. This is a journey. I'm doing well with hopping right back on plan after I choose to get off for a social occasion or unplanned meal out... which is a huge victory for me! That's a lifestyle and mentality shift that makes me proud of myself. Go Jules! :)


  • BEST: ham, cream cheese, veggies (note the repeat- AGAIN!)
  • WORST: gumbo and chili (reheating was a total fail)


  • Wash and cut up all veggies after soaking in vinegar water. 
  • Figure out how to add carbs to more meals for 'high carb week'.

cottage cheese, pb, veggies
ham, crackers
turkey/bacon tortilla
roast chix, mango lime dip
sparkling water
illy caffe
cherry cola zevia
turkey egg mcmuffin
burn & pistachios
burn and cheese

Now I have a bunch of to-go meals ready for the week! I also prepped my weekly family meals... but I'll post that here in a sec. Happy Julie shelf in the fridge- full of yumminess.

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