March 2, 2014

At the risk of sounding totally schizo...

I'm going to talk about these two personas that reside inside my little self, and are sometimes at war with each other. I'd honestly like nothing better than to see the parts mellow and blend each other into a healthy whole.

Julie tends to be the responsible adult one. She has a strong work ethic, high standards. Loves her hubby and kids. She can also be controlling, perfectionist, and an absolute pain in the butt. 

Jules, on the other hand, knows how to have fun. She can relax, appreciate the moment, and enjoy life. She is also seldom seen these days- she is weak from years of too much seriousness. My coach calls me this, and it reminds me that the best friend from high school/college and the collegiate/masters rower is still alive. 

Thus the genesis of the name of this blog.  I want Julie to be Jules. And I want Jules to be Julie.

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