March 28, 2014

Early Morning Alarms

You know that thing, when you set your alarm for a new early wake-up, and then wake up 4 times during the night just to make sure you didn't miss the alarm? Yeah, I did that last night/this morning. I'm going to visit my local rowing club's indoor practice here in less than an hour to see if I feel like I can row this year. I have taken a few years off, and feel like I'm on a good path with my food and fitness choices right now. Love rowing, don't love what I allow the group/team dynamic to do to my head.

So, this morning is research. Meet the coach, say hi to potential teammates. See what I think of adding the early morning drive to my days. Then make a rational decision.

This is what I miss.... (that's me sporting the mega-orange OK State shirt. and hot pink visor. because my 5 am morning fashion is just that good.)


  1. Hi!!
    I stopped by for the A-Z Challenge, and am so glad I did!!! I already love your blog, the concepts, and the fact that you are entering your 40's - it really is a great time (three years in). Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you! My kiddos are 18 and 20 - also an interestingly enjoyably exhausting stage. :)
    Best in the A-Z!

    1. I do plan to join your blog - but for some reason, Google isn't cooperating right now!! I'll be back!

    2. Thanks, CLR! The only way around the 'broken' GFC widget right now that I have found is to copy the URL of the blog you want to join, go to your page and under "Reading List" click "add" and paste the URL. For some reason, this lets you join the GFC- you'll even show up on this page. Anyhow- glad you are here! I'll visit you here in just a minute... :)

  2. Great to connect - to think I wouldn't have stumbled on your post without A to Z! Looking forward to reading your post.
    Twitter: WriterBizWoman