March 7, 2014

For the Record: Why I Blog About Food and Fitness

Let's get something straight.... I blog about food and fitness for three reasons:

  1. To be publicly accountable for my choices
  2. To have a record of my food plan
  3. To encourage friends who are asking for more 
I do not have it all together.
I do mess up daily and splendidly.

I do not push a certain path for others.
I do want my friends to find their own way.

I do not ascribe to a specific way of eating for everyone.
I do know what is working well for me personally.

I do not think a particular exercise regime is best.
I do think the best exercise is one that you will do consistently. 

I do not have extra time on my hands.
I do fall apart if I do not take time for self-care.

So, please please please please do not take things here out of context. There is absolutely no judgement or preaching intended- this blog is mostly for me, but if it helps you to think about how you are approaching your food or fitness choices in a different way, great. 

You be you. I'll be me. We'll be just fine. :)

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