March 7, 2014

Friday Food Fest (Episode 1)

I'm thinking I may do some video of my food prep on Fridays, but I didn't think that far in advance today. You get pictures. Exciting, huh? Especially since I am still in my Crossfit clothes (today was snatch day- yay!) and like to stay that way until I'm done with all the potentially messy stuff. 

My Friday routine this month is:
  • Get dressed.
  • Drink shake. (Have to choke this down- hate eating in the morning with a fiery passion.)
  • Crossfit.
  • Coffee with friends
  • Shopping then food prep OR 
  • Food prep then shopping
Since I went to Sam's Club last week, this week I am making sure I use all the food we have. I came home from coffee and pulled out all the meat items in my fridge/freezer in order to plan my meals. It happens to be snowing in large hunks here today (no joke- like 3" clumps of snow falling from the sky), so I decided to cook several things.
  1. Crockpot chili
  2. Paleo-ish gumbo (chicken, sausage, shrimp)
  3. Pork chops & roasted sweet potatoes
  4. BBQ pulled pork
(Want recipes? Don't have them. Do what I do.... Google 'paleo gumbo'. Look at the first few recipe hits. Look at what you have on hand. Wing it with items on hand and a mash-up of online recipe ingredients/times. Voila! Personalized recipe just for you!!! You're welcome.)

crockpot chili
paleo-ish gumbo
pork chops
pulled pork
Between those items and things like lunchmeat and cottage cheese, I'll be ready to pack up my meals for the week. Bonus points because I now have food ready for my family as well.

Now, I'm running to the store to get fresh veggies and salad dressing.

Oh, and in case there are any paleo purists out there, know that these are my choices for food based on my family budget and schedule. You make your choices, and I'll make mine. (That's a nice way to say no paleo perfectionism allowed in this space. I'm a firm believer that the elusive 'best' is the enemy of the 'good'.)

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