March 13, 2014

Not One Way: My Way is Not Your Way

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I've been feeling conflicted about putting up affiliate links to my Vemma Bode stuff, and I wanted to talk that out here a bit. I do not think there is just one way to eat. After trying dozens of plans, including Whole30, strict paleo, Eat to Perform, Medifast, Weight Watchers, HCG, blah blah blah, I decided I needed to take a step back and look at what had actually worked for ME. In the past couple decades, only one thing has worked relatively easily for me: Vemma Bode.

Now, is that because their product is magic? Nope. Do I believe there is one way to eat for everyone? Nope. Have I done a crazy amount of N=1 experimentation in my life? Yes.

Basically, I think there are reasons the Vemma stuff works for me. Not because of the product. If you are like me, it may help you. If you are not, it probably won't, and you should totally just skip over the links when you see them.

8 Reasons Why Bode Plan is My Way (for this season of life)

  1. Eating 5 meals a day stabilizes my low blood sugar issues.
  2. Drinking a shake within 30 minutes of waking is doable for my life- otherwise I skip.
  3. Alternating low and high carb days keeps my wimpy thyroid functioning optimally.
  4. Getting my multi-vitamin down in non-pill form. (I gag on pills... thus don't take them.)
  5. Subbing Burn for Pepsi in the afternoon keeps me sane- it's fizzy and caffeinated. 
  6. Following the plan means I'm rarely ever hungry, so I don't eat other junk when stressed. 
  7. Having a total 'guilt-free' day is needed *mental* break each week- sustainability! 
  8. Receiving digital reminders via the app keep me on track with meal timing when I'm busy. 
  9. Focusing on protein and veggies keeps macros in line.
All in all, I could totally eat this program using clean, paleo approved foods. I could (and have tried) hunt down more whole food options to replace the shakes, etc. (Enter the tubs of Vega One in my pantry and SPN Sweet Potato Recovery Fuel in my cabinet.... purchased during my prior clean eating freakouts). It's not the product.

I am more interested in being consistent and sticking with something that works for me personally than I am in finding a perfect solution. I actually started down the path to crazyland this morning (read a few things on Facebook about clean eating which led to an internal crisis about my not clean diet which led me back to why I am doing this which led to this post). 

My overall advice- find what works for you. There is not one way to eat. Then tune everyone else out for a while and work your imperfect plan. Be accountable to someone for a 'time to re-evaluate date' and leave things alone until that time. There is not one way. There is your way- for your budget, schedule, and season of life.

Have you found what works for you? 

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