March 12, 2014

Plan B: Bravo Month

This year is going to be my alphabet soup year of fitness and eating. I'm anticipating working my way through at least the first half of the alphabet in plan names. Plan A was simply to attend the Crossfit Basics class, eat my Vemma Bode meal plan, and meet with my coaches to develop a plan. Now that Basics is almost over, I'm checking off Plan A and moving to Plan B.

Plan B is really huge for me because I tend to crash when my initial plans run into some kind of trouble.... be it of the family interruption kind or the financial crunch kind or the schedule insanity kind. I am trying to 'chunk' my plans into one-month sustainable goals that fall in line with my larger quarterly goals. Now, I'm kind of off kilter because this class is ending mid-month, so this plan is for 6-weeks... and then I'll set the next one.

Plan B (Bravo 'month': mid-March to May)
  • Attend a set Crossfit class 3x/week. 
  • Stay off the @#$! scale. 

Voila! New plan in place that I can sustain for 6 weeks... the hardest part for me will be the last one, which is actually pretty sad. Also, I know (and my coaches know) exactly which class I'll be attending- just wasn't sure I wanted to tell all the interwebs those little details. 

Plan C coming up for May!

How are you doing with your current plan? Have you moved to a new one?

[Disclaimer: Vemma affiliate link.... I just like the stuff and find it works for me. If you are interested because of what you read here, your purchase just helps me pay for my monthly order.]

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