April 5, 2014

Eat This, Clean That

Sometimes mom life feels like a series of 'lose-lose' choices. I want to be transparent here and let you know that the choices I make regarding my food and fitness impact my family life. Often, a choice to prep and pack food means that my house may stay a trash pit for the weekend. Granted, my small army of very tall children help with that, but they tend to help when pushed, not out of the goodness of their hearts.

I recently instituted some expectations regarding cleaning that have had some hilarious implementation issues.

Obviously, I have a way to go in getting things figured out. I have underlying clean, but visible clutter. Ugh. I seriously have to crop or retake to get all the dining room table junk out of my food pics.

Am I okay with the chaos? For now, yes. As I feel better, the house will get better. As I take care of myself, the house will be nicer by extension. As I set some boundaries, my children will better respect them.

I am modeling the need for wholeness and putting basic health needs first to my family, which can seem very counter to the Christian world I have grown up in which says we are to 'die to self'. I don't think they are the same thing, but many women have serious struggles with doing anything that resembles 'selfish-care' (sarcasm: I KNOW self-care is important.)

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  1. Hi - visiting as a fellow A to Z blogger. Have caught up on all your posts. Nutrition and keeping fit are daily challenges no matter what roles we play in our lives. You have a very engaging writing style, and I've enjoyed your posts. The cleaning contract is excellent. I hope you're going to let us know if you stick with doling out the consequences. That seems to "slip" quite often - for all of our households!! See you for another round this week.

  2. The cleaning contract looks interesting. What did the kids think of it? I like that there is a time limit. Too many times kids in my family procrastinate until they drive me nuts and when I demand to know why a certain task was not done they say something like, "but I was planning to do it."

  3. Hi! Have come as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Keep writing often. Nice post.