March 8, 2014

Vemma Bode Bento (Week 2)

I had some leftovers this week because my new, lighter life schedule meant I wasn't as organized in the morning so I didn't prep as many today. I forgot to grab upcoming meals on the way out the door, which meant I ate off plan or just missed. This week, I will pack my lunch cooler daily and set it on the counter so I am prepared whether I am at home or on the go. I timed myself this 'packing round'. It took me about 40 minutes total to pack the meals and take all the pics for this post and an upcoming post. Without the photography, it easily was under 30 minutes. I'd say it's a huge return on a small time investment.


  • BEST: ham, cream cheese, veggies (note the repeat)
  • WORST: shrimp and veggies (threw these away- gag)


On to the food... you will notice that some of the food is in 1 cup mason jars because it needs heated and I don't nuke the plastic bento boxes. There are 2-3 of each bento box.

chili, cheese & broccoli
gumbo & spinach salad
ham & cream cheese
turkey wraps
turkey egg mcmuffin
sparkling water
illy caffe
burn & pistachios
burn & veggie straws
[Disclaimer: Affiliate links if you click on the Vemma Bode products.]

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