April 3, 2014

Cranky About Crossfit

I'm getting a little cranky with the way Crossfit is being vilified in the media these days. As it has grown in popularity, there are two things that I think are really missing in the message.... and those things happen to be why I spend money out of our family budget that could definitely be used elsewhere.... hey, I could pay 1/10 and go to the little purple gym not too far away!

Those two things?
  1. Coaching
  2. Community
Coaching is very important to me. In the past, I have paid personal trainers but that is cost prohibitive for us at this point. Crossfit is a total steal in this respect- you can actually get regular personal training for around $100 a month. I go 12 times a month... which means my 'session' with my trainer is roughly $8 for an HOUR. Check out your local gyms- most start at around $45/hour for personal training. Yeah, it's not one-on-one at CrossFit, but in a good box with good coaches, I think it is better than. (Let me repeat: with GOOD COACHES.) Mostly because I don't particularly like having a coach stand over me- I'd rather get some help on form and be pushed a little during a workout than have 100% attention. I meet with my coaches every quarter to set some new goals and to be accountable to someone other than my husband. (We learned very early in our marriage that my asking him to help me with food and fitness was a bad idea.... and very unfair to him! Talk about a lose-lose situation. "Hey honey? You sure you wanna eat that?" Dead man.)

Community is also huge for me. One of the things I love most about rowing is the group dynamic- 8+ in a boat working together towards a common goal. Rowing is expensive in my area, and doesn't fit with my family schedule (hello 4:45a alarm clock!) so I choose to find this kind of community through my Crossfit box. You see all the pithy sayings about how the family who works out together, stays together, etc., but there is real truth there. We get to know people in a very real way- their strengths and weaknesses. We learn who wants a cheerleader and who wants us to just be still. It becomes family.... some weeks I spend more quality time with these folks face to face than just about anyone else in my life. Sad, but true. And they can be part of your fitness support system beyond just the coaches. Everyone who comes in goes through the same torture and is also committed to being there. Instant community.

Where do you find coaching and community?

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  1. Why is cross fit getting a bad rap? I guess I am just completely out of the loop. I have enjoyed cross fit (done on my own though- not at a gym) but I have to be SO careful about the way I exercise and the kind I do with my Hashi's/Adrenal issue. It is so frustrating because a few years ago I got into running (not fast, mind you) but doing longer than a 5k often does more damage to me than good.

    I am SO with you on the hubby as accountability thing. Not a good idea. We tried that too - not a good thing. It is even a little hard when we BOTH go on some sort of better eating plan, etc. because he can drop weight so fast.....and then there's me. Bleh.

    I am getting ready to get one of those rebounder mini-trampolines and start a regimen using that. Supposedly the bouncing is good for the lymphatic system and great for folks with various health conditions that prohibit high intensity workouts.

    Rowing!!! I have always wanted to do that!!!

    1. Rowing is so much fun. Love the motion and being out on the water. :)

      As far as the bad rap, it's mostly due to people really pushing themselves to much and getting injured or very ill in the process. I think a good coaching staff will slow you down, but people can actually end up with rhabdomyolysis from working out too hard. And injuries happen if you try to be all superman and don't ease into things. Again, this is where coaches should intervene.

      Oh, man, does my hubby ever lose quickly too! He is actually underweight, so I have to watch how my eating (and grocery purchasing) affects him. It's unlovely.

      You'll have to post about your rebounding experiences... I've read about that!

  2. Great points! Community is so important to feeling healthy and connected with the world. Since I'm no where near healthy right now, I'm finding my community right here, in the blogging community. It's my connection with the outside world since I'm not allowed out there right now with my compromised immune system. The best work-out community was my cross-country team in high school. It was eye-opening to me the support and genuine concern for others goals and progress, and everyone was included, not just our star performers. I tried to recreate that when I coached track.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

  3. A Crossfit gym recently opened up right next to my daughter's dance studio - I have seen exactly one (shirtless!!) guy in there so far. . I was wondering how they are different from a regular gym?