April 1, 2014

Google Friends Connect Fix

(My A to Z Challenge "A" post is "Eating On AutoPilot", but I wanted to share this information with everyone today to help as you are reading and trying to follow blogs!)

Having trouble getting Google Friends Connect to work for you today? 

Take a quick look at the work-around I have found using the Blogger Reading List "Add" feature:

Review of GFC Fix Steps:
  1. Copy the URL of the blog you wish to follow. (Ctrl +C)
  2. Go to blogger.com
  3. Scroll to "Reading List" and click the gray Add just below.
  4. Paste URL of blog you wish to follow and make sure it says "follow publicly". (Ctrl+V)
  5. Return to original blog, refresh page, and see your GFC pic appear in the widget.
I just keep my blogger.com home window open as I'm reading A to Z Challenge blogs so I can quickly copy and paste. Goodluck, and enjoy the challenge!

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